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Enjoy the Lodge and the Floating Hotel

If you're planning to join Tundra River Adventures for our Brazil trips this fall, you'll have a couple different accommodations during your stay. We have a very comfortable lodge (pousada), as well as the floating hotel we base our Jaguar Camp at. Those who are considering joining us for these events should contact us soon to book their trip.

Bedroom, Reading Area, and Bar

The Lodges - Santa Teresa or Pouso Alegre  

Santa Teresa an intimate, air conditioned space on the banks of the wildlife-rich Pixaim River. Here, you'll have access to wildlife observation towers, including one just 50 feet from an active nest of Jabiru Storks, along with a second in the gallery forest along the banks of the river. Capuchin monkeys, hawks, and giant otters and countless birds can all be seen along the river. Gas-powered small boats are used for birding & photography on the river. The trip may begin here for two days, and return for the final three before leaving after breakfast on the third day. On some of our trips we may change two of these nights to Pouso Alegre. Check out our full itinerary to learn about all we'll be doing! New at Santa Teresa is a hide to view & photograph the secretive Ocelot up close. 

SouthWild Jaguar

Jaguar Camp will operate from Floating Hotels on the Piquiri River located up stream from the mouth of the Cuiaba River. Here, there are small, double rooms with AC, private bathrooms, and hot water showers. Larger suites are available you'll also enjoy excellent local cuisine and drinks.
Morning and afternoon excursions in our radio equipped motor boat feature several families of giant otters, kingfisher, howler monkeys, and jaguars. Jaguar sightings can vary from brief encounters to several hours of observations. We will stay here 5 nights in the middle of the trip. There are a limited number of single rooms per trip available on the Flotel, and we will do what we can to work out a pairing for you if it is needed for our time on the Flotel.


Weather conditions can be very warm with average temperatures of 80-95 degrees Fahrenheit. September and October are hotest months, but not as humid and stuffy as the Amazon.


You'll need lightweight long and short sleeved field clothes, a waterproof jacket, and a sweater in case a cold front passes. A good sun hat and sunscreen are necessary. Boots are not needed, but you will want sandals or sneakers that can get wet. Trip participants will be provided with a complete packing list.

Hammock and Dining Area


Delicious food prepared in a variety of ways. Chicken, beef, catfish, and vegetarian fare are all provided. Beans and rice are available at every lunch and dinner. Lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, and desserts are also included. We will return to the lodge or Flotel for our lunches and dinners.


Mosquitoes are not much of a problem in September and October, but expect a few at dusk. Chiggers may be present at the lodge, so the use of permethrin spray for your clothes, shoes, and socks is recommended if you plan on walking around the lodge. There is no malaria or leishmaniosis in the Pantanal.

Passports & Visas

Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your entry into Brazil so be sure to plan ahead. Depending on your country of origin, you may need a visa. United States residents require a visa. Residents of other countries should check their requirements. Please be sure to allow enough time to obtain both a current passport and a visa (the visa will require 2-3 weeks). You will need to contact a Brazilian Consulate to get your visa. We are not responsible if you have been declined or are too late in obtaining your visa.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is required by our tour operator. We strongly recommend travel insurance.


Almost everyone in Brazil speaks Portuguese. We will always have an English-speaking guide with us.


The flights on GOL or TAM to Cuiaba all have good sized planes with large overhead bins. As a precaution, do not bring your camera bag to the ticketing area if you can help it; try to keep it out of sight so it is not weighed to avoid additional fees.

Air Conditioning

All the locations we stay at are air-conditioned, which is great for those afternoon siestas and nighttime sleeping.