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Other Brazilian Accommodations and Attractions

Tundra River Adventures of Roseville, California, is proud to organize and facilitate beautiful trips each year. This year, we're going back to Brazil to observe and photograph all the Pantanal has to offer and the Brazilian accommodations we've come to enjoy over the years. Check out our rates and other booking information, or stick around here to get a more in-depth idea of what to expect.


Here are just of few of the places we like to visit before or after the core trip. If you are interested in these or have other interests, let us know as we can help you with reservations or suggest other places we have been. With our connections in Brazil, we have access to many more less known places to visit.

Pouso Alegre

The accommodations at Pouso Alegre are the most rustic of the places that we have stayed but that fact is more than made up for by the setting. You'll enjoy thousands of acres of land that can be explored on our own schedule, amazing wildlife, including Rheas strolling through the veranda area, possible giant anteaters and tamandua or smaller anteaters, birds galore, capybaras, and caiman viewable on short walks from the lodge. Plus, Luiz, the owner, is one of the most charming and hospitable people you can imagine meeting. Extremely knowledgeable and full of stories about the area, his family has owned this ranch for many generations. He also has guides who can take us out to find three species of monkeys, which are Black-tailed Marmosets, Capuchins, and Howlers, as they can be found a short walk from the lodge.

Otter, Monkey and Bird

Various Birds

Pousada Aguape

In the southern Pantanal probably the most modernized of the facilities. It's well off the beaten path, but still attracts people from a few of the larger local cities so has a more tourist-y feel. Again, an amazing property to explore. Abundant wildlife can be found right outside your door, including red-legged Seriemas strolling within feet of you and burrowing owls in the nearby fields. We had 4 giant anteater sightings in 2014, so if other years are similar, it's a fantastic place to see them.

The staff schedules each group for two activities each day, which could include a boat ride on the local river, horseback rides, piranha fishing, and a truly spectacular safari truck ride. Along the way, you'll see an amazing variety of landscapes and wildlife. We were also lucky this year to be able to see part of their annual cattle drive, with cowboys in traditional clothing and tack. Any scheduled activities are optional. There is also a pool at this location. Dining is in an outdoor covered area overlooking the pool area.


This is an area known for its salt licks that attract parrots and macaws, as well as for its crystal clear stream that people float in to watch the fish. Extending your trip to this area is also an option, though we haven't been there yet. Friends and past clients who have done the crystal water float have recommended it highly. You'll be in a low mountain area for this option south of the Pantanal proper.