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Enjoy Nature with Bird & Otter Watching

At Tundra River Adventures, we want our guests to enjoy the best things that nature has to offer during our adventures. Based in Roseville, California, we build our trips all over the world to include unforgettable experiences. Our Brazil trip offers bird watching, jaguar & Otter watching, and countless other opportunities to engage with the natural world of a far-off place.

Heron, Parrots, and Otters

Bird Watching

Birding trip reports for the Pantanal usually include the SouthWild Pantanal, generally under the name of the ranch, Fazenda Santa Tereza. Birders love our scientifically-designed trail system through the Pantanal's most easily-accessible gallery or riverine forest, a bird-rich habitat that represents only 2% of the Pantanal. Furthermore, we offer a complete lodge bird list of 340 species compiled by a leading Pantanal bird guide and a PhD ornithologist who is also one of the lodge owners.

Enormous wading birds fly next to our boat and land on the banks of the river to pose in ideal, golden afternoon light, framed by lush tropical vegetation. The river also boasts Agami herons, very tame black-collared hawks, Sunbitterns, Sungrebes, Bare-faced curassows, and a profusion of other water and forest birds.

Otter Watching

The giant otter is one of the most exciting and endangered animals of the Americas, with a remaining global population of about 5,000. The 2-meter-long, 70-pound "river wolves" live in the 60-meter-wide, 12-km-long Pixaim River, which lies a mere 30 meters from the lodge. Our boat drivers report that individual otters in this area have lived there for more than a decade. We will be able to observe and photography from only 2-10 meters. Our afternoon boat outings normally include close-range observation of these powerful, playful top predators, which we have observed chasing Jaguars and eating Anacondas. Everywhere else in the world, Giant Otters are impossible to view at such incredibly close range.

Trails & Tapirs

Five kilometers of well-designed trails crisscross Riverine Forest and drier Cerrado. They allow for excellent opportunities to search for rare Pantanal birds as well as troops of Brown Capuchin Monkeys, Black and Gold Howler Monkeys, and Silvery Marmosets, which are energetic, squirrel-sized monkeys.

Towers That Move With Fruiting, Flowering, & Nesting

The only way to view and photograph from close range all three monkeys and the long list of fruit-eating or nectar-drinking birds is to place convenient, metal observation towers within a few meters of the active fruiting or flowering trees. We will be staying at the first and only lodge in all the Pantanal to offer towers that move with the fruit and the flowers. We also normally can offer daytime viewing and photo opportunities of a Great Potoo at seven meters or less in excellent light with a background of vegetation instead of sky, which allows you to see and photograph the bird's complicated feather pattern.

Towers topped with hides are placed within just a few meters of one or more Jabiru nests and nests of other spectacular birds. These nest observation towers allow unique observation angles that are ideal for still photos and video. Our unmatched expertise with towers comes from 28 years of building, moving, and guying 25-45 meter tall metal towers in tall Amazon rainforest for dozens of TV crews and photographers from the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and many other international producers.

Tapir and Observation Tower

Ocelot Viewing

Evening ocelot viewing is offered on an optional, but included, basis on at least one night at Santa Tereza. Note these hides might not be totally private as they are available for all guests staying at our exclusive, 20-bed SWP lodge. The hides are spacious enough to ensure excellent wildlife viewing for all. These are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy with us, and there are sure to be many more.