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Excitement Alaskan Exploration & River Trips

Kongakut River trip - June 12 to June 25 

Aichilik River trip - June 29 to July 9

Noatak River trip - August 7 to August 25 (Full)

Aniakchak River trip - Septmember 3 to Septmember 10

Alaska hosts a variety of challenges and unique beauty that any adventurer would enjoy. Tundra River Adventures of Roseville, California, works to put together Alaskan river trips and exploration opportunities that allow our customers to enjoy the unique beauty and excitement of traveling the north. Come join us and get access to the knowledge and equipment you need for a safe trip to Alaska, all backed up by more than 32 years of exploring Alaska.

Leave the Arrangements to Us

We take care of all arrangements so that when you arrive in Alaska, you start sharing in the experience as we will all take part in some last minute logistics before we set off on our adventure. We usually depart for our destination river the day after you arrive in Alaska. To keep costs low, our trips are of a cost-sharing nature. All costs and activities are shared from the time you arrive in Alaska in Fairbanks, Anchorage or for some trips, one of the outlying towns or villages served by commercial airlines.

Everything is provided except your personal gear and tent, though if you need a tent, we may be able to provide one for you, so let us know. Our float trips require your participation in the group effort. When you decide to go on one of our trips and your deposit is received, we will contact you about your participation in the pre-planning for the trip. Your participation with unloading the rafts, moving camp gear and setting up and taking down camp are all part of the experience. Everyone will also take turns with a partner or two in meal preparation. Duties rotate every few days depending on the group size, with time off until your next turn in the rotation. Check our policies for more information.

Alaskan Frontier

Previous Alaskan River Trips Include:

• Alagnak River
• Kobuk River
• Lake Creek
• Aniak River
• Kisaralik River
• Kongakut River
• Aniakchak River
• Koktuli River

• Kwethluk River
• Noatak River
• King Salmon River (Nushagak Tributary)
• King Salmon River into       Egegik Bay
• Contact Creek
• The Middle Fork of 
   The Good News River

• Aichilik River
• Nunavikdak Creek
• Kugururok River
• Killik River
• Marsh Fork Canning     River
• Canning River
• Kukaktlik River 

  • • American Creek
    • Nonvianuk River
    • Talachulitna River
    • Sheenjek River
    • Mulchatna River
    • Nushagak River
    • Hulahula River
  •    Wullik River
  •    Kokolik River